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Hello all, it's that time of year again. This is the official  announcement for spring 2019 CSA early Sign-ups! We are busy staying warm and organizing our short days of winter with a new and improved  planting schedule. Our Community Supported Agriculture program (CSA) relies on this important planning period .  The CSA is a great way to support the farm and get a share of the coming season's harvest. You receive a good value for fresh, local vegetables and in turn, the farm receives income in the winter months when the expenses for seed, plant and supply bills are piling up and other farm income is minimal or non-existent.

We offer a wide selection of fresh vegetables, with some fruits, berries, and this year even mushrooms; already started.  Our goal is an inventory and selection that is ever expanding much like our ambition for fresh food. Grown right here in Concord tomatoes and cucumbers, green beans and lettuce, radishes and beets, kale and sweet potatoes, melons and berries and much more are harvested and washed every day, giving our produce an obvious local farm freshness. That freshness ensures the highest nutritional content available. Not to mention the convenience of your neighbor growing it for you!

Just a reminder although we are not certified organic we do hold true to natural methods and grow all our produce using sustainable and traditional farming practices. 

Participants will receive a supply of sustainably grown, fresh produce each week throughout the summer farm season.  We do a rolling start some time in June when our first produce of the season becomes mature enough to harvest. Some of our participants enroll for alternate week shares, which means they pick up produce every other week. Deluxe members will be able to take exclusive items as well as multiple items of their choosing. Keep in mind some participants enroll and ultimately end up splitting their chosen share with another friend,  family, or neighbor just because it's easier and cost effective.

Full Share $425

Deluxe share $ 515

Alternate week share $ 225

Early sign up discount member take off  $45 (exp. Jan. 31st)

Local Delivery available $100 season

Interested?  Then click here to be directed to our website for csa pchases

Sincerely,    Lewis Farm